DIY: Rosemary & Lavender Clay Face Mask for Oily Skin


Suitable for Oily Skin 

2 Tablespoons Natural Bentonite Clay
1 1/2 Tablespoons* Distilled Water
1 Drop Rosemary Essential Oil
1 Drop Lavender Essential Oil

Use non-metal bowls and mixing utensils when using bentonite clay. Mix the clay and water first before adding in the essential oils. I like to leave the mask on for 20 minutes before gently removing with a warm, wet cloth. The pulsating, tightening feeling that you might experience are all normal when using bentonite clay. Any redness will subside after about 20 minutes.

I love switching out the oils in my clay masks to address specific skincare needs. I find that weekly use keeps my skin smooth, balanced, and acne-free. If this is your first time using bentonite clay, you might experience breakouts or increased oiliness for a week or so. Your skin is ridding itself of built-up gunk (purging). It’s inconvenient, but a good thing!


*As you can see from the picture, my mask turned out a bit lumpy. Two tablespoons made the mixture too watery, so I encourage you to add the water in little by little. The mask should be thick enough to stay in place, but watery enough to spread.


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