Review: Infinity Jars

Hello beautiful people!

Time sure flies. It was over a month ago when I received these gorgeous glass cosmetic bottles from Infinity Jar in exchange for an honest write-up. If you enjoy DIY beauty as much as I do, I think you’ll agree with me that these glass jars truly are a must-have!

One thing you’ll want to consider when creating your own essential oil blends or beauty recipes, is how quickly your product will go rancid if exposed to sunlight. I love the fact that Infinity Jars blocks out visible light rays, preserving the freshness of its contents and slowing down the decaying process of organic matter.

I was extremely pleased with how snug the lids fit. I tend to hoard oils and oil blends, so it’s nice to know my blends won’t spill or leak when (not if, when) I just toss them about. The site claims that lotions, essential oils or spices will remain fresh and protected for over 6 months. Not bad!

InfinityJars1I received the glass screwtop jar, mist spray bottle, and euro dropper cap. Infinity Jars has over 30 styles to choose from, and have deals on the 3-pack and 10-packs. Definitely check them out online, and via Instagram.


Until next time,


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