5 DIY Recipes With Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Packaged in Pahrump, NV, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay begins its journey in Death Valley, CA. There, the bentonite clay is sun-dried for six months in temperatures that can reach as high as 134°.

The benefits and uses of clay reach back 4000 years. Used in Roman and German spas, clay packs and treatments are used to address skin problems such as pimples and blackheads. More recently, research has shown that clay treatments can alleviate arthritis, and help with skin tightening. Combining the clay with apple cider vinegar, adding to its detoxifying attributes, can be dated back to the 16th century.


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (AHC) contains over 50 minerals – almost every Earthly mineral there is. Analysis of AHC shows it has a unique structure of molecules that carry a negative electron charge. These negative electrons help to lift the positive electrons that are in the toxins and poisons stored in the skin’s epidermis. This, along with the benefit of the minerals, helps to heal and nourish the skin.

Maximizing on a good thing, AHC is the brand’s only product. From its Web site, we hear mention of one of naturopathic medicine’s forefathers, Sabastian Kneipp. A Bavarian priest, also known as a “water doctor” and herbalist, Kneipp created what is now called, Kneipping; by combining the benefits of water and supplements to heal patients of various illnesses. Below are five recipes employing the benefits of AHC; one of which bears Kneipp’s name:

Father Kneipp’s Original Recipe – Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar (raw, organic is best) in a bowl. You should use glass, plastic, or wooden bowls and spoons – no metal! Apply to face and/or body and allow to dry up to 45 minutes. Rinse well with warm water only.

Antioxidant Mask – Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with brewed green tea and 500 mg. of vitamin C with bioflavonoids (from a capsule). Apply to skin, allow to dry and rinse with warm water.

Foot Facial – Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with brewed Pau d’Arco Tea and five drops of Tea Tree Oil. Apply to feet, especially in between the toes, let dry 30 minutes and rinse well in warm water.

Honey Mask – Mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar, add 1 tablespoon raw honey. Apply to skin, allow to dry for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. This mask is like the one used by Cleopatra.

Body Pack – Mix one-pound Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with one pint of apple cider vinegar. Apply a thin coat of the mixture to the body and allow to dry 15-20 minutes. Rinse well in the shower (one pound is enough for two people).

AHC is said to be safe for all family members; but there are a few things to keep in mind. When applying the clay and apple cider mix, there will be a warm, pulsating sensation; this is natural. Also, some experience a pulling and tightening of the skin. Some notice a redness after they rinse; this too is natural and will go away in about 30 minutes. For those with sensitive skin, it is suggested to only allow the clay to dry for 5–10 minutes to decrease chance of drying out the skin. For this reason, it would be wise to do a skin test and not apply to young children.

Touted as being the “world’s most powerful facial,” Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a great choice for a very inexpensive and effective facial. To get yours, please visit your local health and nature grocery store, or visit the company’s Web site and download the order form in PDF form (a little archaic I know).

AHC is a 100% natural bentonite clay, that contains no additives, fragrances, or animal by-products. It is a great way to get a deep pore cleansing and clear up acne. The secret is out!


Images: Unsplash

Consciously Candace cannot make claims to treat or prevent any condition, illness or disease. All information should be used for informational purposes, and does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals or dermatologists. Be well!

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