My Faves

So, you made the switch to natural skin care and beauty products. Go you! Here you’ll find my go-to brands for clean beauty and natural skincare. As I discover new products that consistently work for me, I will update the list. Conversely, if old favorites no longer do it for me, I will swap them out for new loves. I said all that to say this: Check back often! This page will be in a constant state of flux.

Important: My skin type is combo (face), extremely dry (body) and sometimes annoying (hyper-pigmentation with the occasional food-related eczema flare on my back and legs). Hormonal acne is the occasional adventure as well, but switching to a plant-based diet has alleviated much of that. My product choices reflect all of this. Please purchase skin care products designed for your personal skin type. If you need help understanding your skin’s unique needs, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m not an esthetician or a dermatologist, but I will help in all the ways I can.

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My Favorite Cosmetics Brands
100% Pure
BLAC Minerals
Plain Jane Beauty
Silk Naturals

My Favorite Skincare Brands
Shea Moisture
Lotus Moon Skincare

My Favorite Essential Oil Brands
Edens Garden

My Favorite Fragrance Brands

My Favorite Natural Haircare Brands
Shea Moisture

My Favorite Oral Care Products
The Natural Dentist Mouthwash
Mouthwatchers Antimicrobrial Toothbrushes

My Favorite DIY Skincare Ingredients
Bentonite Clay + Apple Cider Vinegar
Castor Oil
Epsom Salt
Essential Oils
Infinity Jars (Storage)
Jojoba Oil

My Favorite Herb Store (Las Vegas)
Herbally Grounded

My Favorite Herbal Tea Brands
Traditional Medicinals

Supplements I Take
Black Seed Oil
Olive Leaf
Sanicle Extract
Vitamin D3
Vitex (Chaste Tree)

My Favorite Health + Beauty Practices
Infrared Sauna
Professional Pedicures
Acupuncture + Chinese Herbal Medicine
Nature Walks / Hiking
Leisure Reading
Blogging (Of course!)

Brands I’d Like to Try
Alikay Naturals
Amazing Botanicals
AuNaturale Cosmetics
B True Beauty
Battington Lashes
Black Girl Sunscreen
Brown & Coconut
C H A E Skin Care
cdf skincare
Ginger + Liz
Harlem Botanica
Healing Place Apothecary
Hercules Beard Co
Jacq’s Organics
Karen’s Body Beautiful
Koils By Nature
Lamik Beauty
Lenora Nail Colors
Mischo Beauty
Miss Jessie
Obia Natural Haircare
Oyin Handmade
Polish & Co
Purgasm Shop
Sashe Cosmetics
The Green Laundress
The Honey Pot Company
The Lip Bar
Wonder Curl

WOC Influencers I Follow
Alex Elle
Black Girl in OM
Carron Coleman
Green Beauty Project
Keisha Adinkra
Spoken Black Girl Magazine
Sweet Potato Soul
The Arte Sisters
Tiffany DeSilva
Wanderlusting Lynda

Publications I Like
Thoughtfully Magazine

Recommended Reading
(Coming Soon!)

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