That Time I Tried Saige + Ivy’s Natural Deodorant Spray

“Stay fresh. Live Free.” Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? This is the tagline for the brand Saige + Ivy. Named after the owner’s oldest child, Saige Ivy, this label’s mission is to offer a product that is “nontoxic to the welfare and health of people.” Simple, indeed. Brand creator Brittany Oliver has degrees in Sociology…

That Time I Tried The Honestly pHresh Natural Deodorant

Hello lovelies! After years of using Primal Pit Paste without any issues, my skin decided it no longer liked baking soda. I never developed a rash, but the color of my arm pits began to change. Not cute. I had great success with the baking-soda free scent from the same brand, and also with Schmidt’s….